What Men Really Think About Your Makeup!

Here are the things men really think about your makeup.b

“I think a lot of makeup actually makes women look worse. It’s crazy how harsh it all looks. What ever happened to a soft look like Audrey Hepburn’s?”
– Sami, 27, Media

“Go crazy. Be creative. Add a little drama into the mix. Plain is boring, so experiment with different looks.”
– Tom, 29, Comms Manager

“I don’t seem to understand the smoky eyes that women seem to love so much. They look like little raccoons.”
– David, 22, Student

“Keep it simple and natural. To me, this is beautiful. Nobody wants to look at a clown!”
– Ben, 34, Banker

“The worst is when it looks like a woman has dipped her head in a bucket of makeup, like you wouldn’t be able to find her face for days underneath.”
– Dylan, 27, Landscape Manager

“I hate when you can see where the makeup stops at the neckline. That’s just weird and honestly a little freaky.”
– Adam, 39, Designer

“I love seeing women in makeup, but I don’t like seeing a heavy amount of it. Let the makeup highlight your natural beauty!”
– Jon, 32, Analyst


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