T​op​ F​ive​ S​ummer​ ​Car ​M​aintenance​ T​ips​ F​rom​ C​areem​

Careem, the Dubai-based private ride-hailing app, has always taken road safety very seriously, not just for their own Captains and customers but for the other motorists throughout the UAE. Careem has multiple designated care centres located in Al Quoz and Ras Al Khor, where the company’s entire fleet are routinely checked.

In its continual campaign to promote road safety throughout the UAE Manager, Hamid Moaref, who overlooks the maintenance of approximately 300 of Careem’s fleet per month, offers his top expert five tips to the UAE residents to keep their cars maintained and safe in the intense summer heat.


1. Don’t tire out your tires

Tire failure can occur when it is least expected, all vehicles should ideally ​undergo a checkup every quarter. Tires are the only thing that is in contact with the road, and hence it is important to get them checked and even replace them if necessary. A good tip would be to fill your tires with nitrogen and not regular air, nitrogen does not expand as the temperature rises inside your tires thus making them last longer.


2. Keep the battery alive and kicking

As cars will be working harder during the hot summer months, so will the car battery. Within the GCC region car batteries can commonly work for up to two years, which is mainly due to extensive use of the vehicle’s air conditioning and the greater degree of evaporation of the many fluids used throughout the mechanics of the vehicle. Careem advises strongly for all motorists to make a point to check the car battery at periodic intervals.


3. Stay cool

As the vehicle’s air conditioning system will be working in overdrive throughout the summer months, it is essential to make sure that it is working at the optimum level. All of the A/C filters need to be checked and replaced if dirty. Cleaning the filters makes a huge difference to the air circulating whilst inside the vehicle, if the filter is clean, it reduces the chances of getting an air-borne infection. As an added extra, the Careem Care Centre recommends getting an A/C disinfectant job done as well, after all, you cannot put a price on your health.


4. Hydration

It is essential to regularly check the level of fluids within the car, from the engine oil to the engine coolant in order to keep the vehicle performing at the optimum level. By doing this it can assist in preventing the overheating of the engine, and reduce the chances of a vehicle breakdown.

​C​heck the vehicles coolant and oil levels at least once a month.


5. Shade is everything

The intense summer heat can play havoc with the internal compartments of a vehicle​ hence ​try and always park in shade, a covered car park or purchase a sun shade. By reducing the impact of the sun’s rays not only does it lower the chance of the engine becoming overheated but it keeps the car cool, the interiors from fading and cracks developing on the dashboard.



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