Spin Class Instructor Listen up!

Don’t ask us to interact with the people next to us
Don’t ask us to introduce ourselves to each other, we don’t care to meet each other. Also, don’t turn up our resistance for us, not cool!

Don’t tell us about your life
We don’t care if you didn’t have time to make breakfast or that you had problematic parents. Stop with the oversharing. Just chill…

Do not ruin Beyoncé or Rihanna songs for us
We love when you play “Only Girl in the World” but please for the love of god don’t sing along in the microphone. It is as if we are watching you do karaoke and we can not seem to spin far away from the situation. The only time you are allowed to do it is if you have a great voice or if you are alone in your car.

Don’t call out our name
We are a ghost, we just want to flit around in sweaty anonymity

Will keep to the times she or he announces
If you say “10 seconds left” and then it’s like 40, we feel really betrayed and pissed off.

Not spend a ton of time honouring a rider with a birthday
We all have birthdays, get over it! We are not riding for Mona’s 27th birthday. Honestly, we don’t care!

If people suck, don’t be vocal about it
If we are wobbling away on our bike don’t point it out to the entire class!



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