Say Hello to 2017’s Travel Trends

Looking for some fresh new vacation ideas for 2017? Check out our top predictions for this year’s trends, hotel amenities, itineraries, and much more.



Since the whole world is in a slow state and almost every currency in the world has dropped, now is the time to travel. With a weaker Euro, Europe will see your buck go further.



A lot of the airlines are currently spending millions of dollars to change their back-end systems, so that they can give you better options when you book travel. This also means they want to be able to charge you for every little thing. So, while you may get cheaper tickets, there will be hidden costs for baggage, or even if you simply use the overhead compartment. So, be careful with what airline you use for your travel and always read the hidden costs before you book. If a ticket price seems too good to be true, it probably is.



We are seeing an explosion in non-traditional lodgings like Airbnb, Room Mate and Be Mate, as people look to experience a more honest view of how people actually live in the city or country they are travelling to. They get all the services that a hotel would offer, have more space and even a kitchen. Airbnb now has more beds than all of the major hotel chains combined. As this grows even further we will see hotels getting more competitive with their prices and offerings.



Gone is the trend of old-school opulence. Contemporary chic is the new thing, which basically means that less is more. Focus is instead centred on giving you the best quality in all aspects, from a large comfortable bed and luxurious sheets, to smart technology and organic restaurants, where chefs focus on quality ingredients that are sourced from the surrounding areas.



Did you notice that the whole world and his wife seemed to be jetting off to islands last year? Well, that trend will grow even stronger in 2017. Secluded islands in exotic destinations are all the rage. Focus will be on resorts that reflect the local lifestyle around them, especially ones with restaurants that source ingredients from local farmers, as guests want to know more about the food culture of a country than ever before.



Renting a yacht or sailing around the world is no longer a priviledge for the super rich. Boating is now more accessible and is sure to be one of the top travel trends in the year to come. A lot of new companies are now selling affordable packages for renting yachts, sailboats, scuba-diving excursions, snorkeling, fishing and cruises, so more people will look to spend their vacations at sea.


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