Gorgeous gift boxes you won’t want to unwrap

The art of gifting has been taken up a notch, especially in the age of social media where opening a gift needs special care since your whole list of friends will not only want to see what’s inside but also watch in anticipation as you open that box or unwrap that gift. So packaging now has to be a form of art in itself.

With Eid al-Adha celebrations just around the corner we’re taking our gift-giving to a whole new level with Salla’s one-of-a-kind gift boxes you simply can’t go wrong.

Each box is unique and very special. Check them out.


Golden Snowy Box
Gorgeoulsy elegant with glittered white cotton string, fluffy pompoms and gold fabric tinsel bow. The box is handmade with a sturdy wire frame and features an easy to open and close top, making it ideal as a storage/organiser piece too.

Available in small, medium, large. Price starts at AED 60.


Candy Gift Box
Playful and fun, this gift box is handmade with white tinsel wrap, silver hexagon glitter highlights, and multi-coloured foam balls and noodle ribbon.

Available in small, medium, large. Price starts at AED 60.




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  1. Kenneth Gladman 31 October, 2017 at 19:38 Reply

    I like that you mentioned how many people want to watch on social media as you unwrap gifts. This is really true in my family as we are really spread out across the country. It makes such a difference when there is a beautiful box you have to look forward to opening.

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