Get To Know Jewellery Designer Donna Hourani

Donna is a passionate soul who portrays a multitude of artistic abilities in both art and dance, reflected within every piece of jewellery she designs. Hourani easily brings life to elaborate, sophisticated sketches using exquisite materials, graceful shapes and unforgettable stories that show Donna’s utter devotion and attention to detail, effortlessly bringing minimalism and luxury together.  Our team caught up with Donna to learn more about her journey as she bares all. 


Q: Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

DH: The style of my designs are usually minimal they have refined and unique shapes, the way you wear the piece itself is quite unique. The style is clean and most of them are with coloured gemstones made with 18-carat gold.

Q: Tell us something about your life before DH jewellery.

DH: Just before I started I was a stay at home mom and my focus was entirely on my kids, it still is but now that they have grown a little bit (they have started nursery and school) I had more time on my hands and I just started right away so now I am balancing between both. Before my kids, I was teaching dance and prior to that I was an interior architect (before I got married) so I changed quite a bit.

Q: What are some of the upcoming trends according to you in the jewellery design industry?

DH: I think with jewellery, there are so many different styles and there is no one type of trend like in clothing. Also, people have different tastes in jewellery; some people like classic-looking bulky pieces with diamonds whereas others like minimalistic stuff that you can wear every day that doesn’t bother you when you wear it. So, I don’t feel like that there is a specific kind of trend, it can differ very much between designers and styles.

Q: Are there any charitable organisations that you cater to?

DH: Charity is an important part of my business. All the proceeds from the charity piece of the ‘Ocean Angel’ necklace go to the Syrian refugees to help them. Every season I try to create a new design that is dedicated to charity. For example, in the SS18 collection, I am catering to the Palestinian children relief fund so I am currently designing a new piece for that. I look for new charities then design something for it and a hundred percent of the profits to go that charitable organisation.

Q: Tell us more about your key pieces. Also, what should we expect to see in your future collections?

DH: My bestsellers would be the ‘Dew on Tendril’ earrings and the chokers, especially the ‘Jasmine Choker’ from my latest collection. People love those, they really are the fastest selling pieces. Seeing all the love and praise for those pieces, I have decided to retain them for a long-term. My new SS18 collection will be launched in September this year and it has a wonderful story behind it. The pieces are also extremely unique but then you can see the DNA of the previous collections in the new pieces.



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