A woman’s health depends on a lot of factors and you should take time to exercise, manage your stress levels, eat right, and most importantly schedule routine health checks, so that potential problems can be spotted early. Here is what you need to check for:


1. Take care of your oral hygiene as you may face a higher risk of cavities due to your lifestyle, sugar intake and not cleaning your teeth properly.

2. Ensure good cleaning habits and visit the dentist every six months.

3. Get into the habit of doing a breast self-examination once a month to familiarize yourself with how your breasts normally look and feel. If you notice anything abnormal consult your doctor immediately.

4. Make sure to start getting your pap smears once you hit twenty-one.

5. Always check your body for any new moles.


1. Get your heart checked out by a cardiologist.

2. Check for cholesterol and blood pressure and make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Once a month: do a breast self-exam and examine your moles.

4. Go to the dentist every six months.

5. Get a pap smear every two to three years along with a pelvic examination.

6. Make sure to get an eye test every single year.


1. Make sure to keep a check on your vitamin D levels, as you start to lose bone density at this age.

2. Keep a check on diabetes and get tested every six months.

3. Visit a dentist every six months.

4. Get regular pap smears and pelvic examinations.

5. Get your eyes tested every year.

6. Make sure to check your cholesterol and blood pressure.

7. Make sure to check out for moles and do routine breast examinations.


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