Create A Home That Reflects Your Personality

Have you ever noticed how the interior of any home reflects the owner’s personality? If you feel like your home doesn’t reflect your personality then check out our four easy steps to get it right.

1. Find out what your personal style is
Think about your passions and your imagination. What triggers a good feeling in your heart? Look at your fashion style. Do you like the perfection of a classic outfit, or an unconventional, colourful and textured style? Figure that out and stick to the style you love.

2. Look at your lifestyle and how you move during the day
Practicality is everything. Buying a sofa that looks good but is uncomfortable is always a waste of money because it will just be a matter of time until you will want to replace it. Take into account the purpose of every room and make sure it not only looks good but also serves its purpose.

3. It’s all in the details
Before you decide to spend time and a fortune looking for little things to decorate your home with, take a day to go through what you already have. All the gifts you got and put away and all the little accessories that were passed on to you by your mother can look very good if you mix, match and layer.

4. Display what you love
Every woman has something she loves and collects. Whether it’s vintage plates, travel finds or magazines, displaying your collections always gives your visitors a glimpse into your heart and soul. Always remember that decorating your home is an ongoing process, which will never be complete. Enjoy everything you buy and make sure your love for every displayed item shows.


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