Capturing The Heart Of Mauritius

As an integral part of the Spice Route between East and West, travellers have been lured to the island of Mauritius for more than 500 years. With its idyllic location in the Indian Ocean, and named for spice trade pioneer, Prince Maurice Van Nassau, Mauritius has been influenced by a multitude of cultures, and enjoys a diversity of climate and a peaceful ambience that distinguishes this tropical volcanic jewel from the rest of the Indian Ocean Islands.

There is a lot to do in Mauritius, with a wonderful blend of land-based and water activities. You could embark on a safari adventure to the Casela Nature Park, home to 1,500 birds, wild animals and dromedary camels. For those who enjoy water-based activities, you can opt for a sea walk on the ocean floor, in just three to four metres of water, and enjoy the magnificent marine life. For those with a passion for retail, shopping in the capital, Port-Louis, provides everything from small boutiques to large malls, and is just 40 minutes’ drive from Constance Le Prince Maurice.

Of all the Constance Hotels and Resorts properties in Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar, Constance Le Prince Maurice exudes sheer luxury. Situated on 60 hectares of completely unspoilt private land, sheltered from the prevailing winds and ensuring maximum privacy for its guests, its tropical gardens consist of rare and luxuriant vegetation, while the calm turquoise lagoon blends perfectly with the fresh green hinterland and the secluded beaches of brilliant white sand.

Cuisine is as varied as all aspects of life in Mauritius. Foodies can enjoy various cuisines in many restaurants scattered on this island, especially at Le Barachois, a unique seafood restaurant comprising five decks, floating among the natural fish reserve, which is reached via a wooden pathway.

The breathtaking sunset view behind the clear lagoon and the mountains make it the most romantic place for lovers. The finest way to start the day is overlooking the infinity pool set amidst lush tropical greenery from L’Archipel restaurant, which is set at the heart of the Constance Le Prince Maurice, where the elegant space exudes a sophistication and style that is perfectly matched by the menu.

Within the hotel, there are a wide variety of activities available, including many types of water sports, snorkelling trips, glass-bottom boat excursions, and access to bicycles and two floodlit tennis courts. Whether you are looking to indulge in a romantic destination to enjoy scenic tranquillity, or an adventure filled with diverse activities, or even a family journey to spend some quality time with the people closest to you, Constance Le Prince Maurice in Mauritius has it all, along with an exceptional level of personalised service and understated elegance.


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