7 Things You Should Be Doing at Work

Is it us or do you think that every woman in this world has become an overachiever in all areas of her life? This has caused all of us to be held up to a higher standard than we are mentally, physically, or financially capable of. It seems like everyone is expected to manage full-time jobs, successfully pursue side hustles, spend enough time with loved ones, eat healthily, make time to work out, and look fabulous. Unfortunately, that isn’t very easy and is a little ambitious – but who says that we can’t learn to cope with the existing pressures of work in a healthier way?

  1. Take Regular Breaks

The pressure to meet deadlines is one of the most stress-inducing aspects of any job, and stress is a persistent threat to good health. While deadlines are a totally reasonable part of professional life and can’t exactly be eliminated, you can switch to a healthier approach to them. Try and take a 10-minute break every 2-3 hours to focus on your breath and relax. This will help you to perform better.

  1. Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Maybe you’re running late to the office and feel like you have no other choice but to swing by Starbucks for an iced coffee and doughnut.Whatever the situation, if you’re making a habit of high-carb, starchy breakfasts, it’s time to revisit your morning routine. Try to eat eggs or grab a protein shake instead as it will boost your energy levels, give you strength and keep your body healthy throughout the day.

  1. Walk around

You’ve heard about the dangers of being stationary for too long, but we’re here with another friendly reminder — and this time, we’re more concerned for your immune system than your waistline. Make sure to stand, stretch and walk every 2 hours as this will help you to increase your oxygen levels and that will help you to concentrate better.

Get out, go play

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  1. Drink enough water 

Start your day with one cup of coffee or black tea, but cut your caffeine intake after that. By switching over to water or herbal tea for those later-in-the-day refreshments, you’ll be feeding your body’s need for hydration and avoiding the extra acidity caused by too much caffeine. Elevated acid levels can lead to calcium depletion and weaken bones.

  1. Don’t bring work home

With deadlines nearing and a boss to impress, it often feels like the best option is to bring a big stack of work home to finish. While this may be unavoidable sometimes, it should never become a regular habit. Taking work home robs you of your personal time and makes you become inefficient in the long run. 

  1. Make time for lunch

On a busy day, it’s easy to contain your appetite and focus on the projects at hand, but regularly skipping lunch will result in a drop in your blood sugar levels, which in turn restricts your ability to think clearly.  Hence you need to be mindful of your physical and mental health by prioritising a healthy and nutritious lunch.

  1. Have a positive Attitude:

When it comes to your professional situations, you should always maintain your cool by laying off the gossip not matter how juicy. The people you choose to surround yourself with play a huge role in your attitude, so seek out office friends who are as happy and positive as you would like to be.

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